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Recommended Reading

Mental Healthcare
Adam Lanza Article

Letter to President Obama from NAMI

“I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” by Liza Long

“Seven Facts About America’s Mental Health-Care System” by Sarah Kliff, The Washington Post

NAMI – Mental Illness: Facts and Numbers 

NAMI – State Mental Health Cuts: The Continuing Crisis

NIMH: Majority of Youth with Mental Disorders May Not Be Receiving Sufficient Services

More People Die by Suicide Than Car Accidents

U.S. mental health experts urge focus on childhood screening

Fatal Gaps: Can Dangerous People Buy Guns In Your State? 

“In School Shootings, Patterns and Warning Signs” by Katherine Newman, CNN

National Conference of State Legislatures: Possession of a Firearm by the Mentally Ill

Mental Health Funding Cuts Sending Many Innocents to Prison

Advocates Seek Mental Health Changes, Including Power to Detain



State Anti-Bullying Laws and Policies

We Lost A Child

Symptoms of bullying and a profile of a typical workplace bully

Stop Bullying on the Spot


Media Violence

“Does Media Violence Beget Real-Life Killings?” by Susan Heitler, Ph.D.



Nearly Half Of Americans Are One Financial Shock Away From Poverty

Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness

Hunger in America: United States Hunger and Poverty Facts



Get Involved in Public Education (PBS)

Race to the Top: President Obama’s Education Incentive Plan (Update)

Michelle Rhee’s “Radical”, Book Excerpt

Education World’s Top 25 Blogs for Educators


Gun Violence Prevention

WATCH: The Path to Violence (PBS)

WATCH: Harvard School of Public Health: Forum on Gun Violence

John Hopkins Gun Summit Recommendations Page

WATCH: Newtown Families on Gun Control, Part 1 (CBS News)

WATCH:  Newtown Families on Gun Control, Part 2 (CBS News) 

WATCH:  What’s Next? for Gun Violence Prevention Forum

Children’s Defense Fund: Protect Children Not Guns 2012

CNN: Sandy Hook Timeline

Meet the NRAJohns Hopkins Gun Policy Summit Recommendations

Trace the Guns

CDC Ban on Gun Research Caused Lasting Damage

PBS commentator Mark Shields says more killed by guns since ’68 than in all U.S. wars

What Are The States Doing About Gun Control?

U.S. Department of Justice: Facts About Children and Violence

The Physics of Mass Killing

In Shift, Police Advise Taking an Active Role to Counter Mass Attacks

Four Key Strategies To Minimize Gun Violence For Our Youth, Including “Smart Guns” Who’s Running the NRA?

Report Links High Rates of Gun Violence to Weak Laws

National Gun Victims Action Council: Notes From a Savvy Hunter

Mother Jones: Charts: How Foreign Firms Flood America With Guns—and Get Rich Doing It

Reliving Horror and Faint Hope at Massacre Site

ER doctor to Sandy Hook families: ‘We tried our best’

Mallick: Why Newtown victim Noah Pozner had an open coffin

Gun Laws by State – NRA-ILA

How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown?

Days Since The Last School Shooting

Americans Back Obama’s Proposals to Address Gun Violence

Your Brain in a Shootout:  Guns, Fear and Flawed Instincts

“The Forgotten Victims of Gun Violence” by Bassam Gergi and Ali Breland, CNN

The Science of Guns Proves Arming Untrained Citizens Is a Bad Idea

Politifact: Fact-Checks on Gun Control and Gun Violence Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts


It Can Happen Here – A Documentary



Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving an Active Shooter Event

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Armed With Reason

Gun Safety: The Scientific Evidence

Keep Kids Safe

Seeking solutions to violence in schools

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