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Writer, FRAMED

We welcome guest writers to help expand the conversation and motivate others to take action in the areas of bullying, education, gun safety, mental healthcare, parenting and poverty. If you share our passion for reducing violence in our country and are interested in writing for It Can Happen Here, please contact us.

Guest Posts

 “My 12 Days of Christmas” by Jessica McCormack

“We need to fight the fight until it’s done.  It’s easy for many of us to go on with our everyday lives because it was not our child, our friend, our loved one – until one day, maybe it will be.”
“Adopting Insurance for Shooting Victims” by Tom Harvey

“Ordinary liability insurance, which is designed to protect the gun owner, would have little effect.  Insurance designed to protect victims and encourage safe practices would make a big difference.”

Sandy Hook Plus Six Months by McAllister Bryant

“We as a society are better than this. We are better than the callous folks who just blow off unnecessary deaths because of their inconvenience and in reality an endless propaganda machine that is the NRA.”

“The Accidental Activist” by Beth Eltinge

“I am not an activist. I am a mother who shares the overwhelming grief of parents who have lost a child to senseless gun violence. At times there is such a burden of grief weighing me down I feel I will never rise up. I weep. I pray. I try to understand.”

“After Manchin-Toomey: A Gandhian Moment in America” by Sidney Burris

“He formulated larger plans all the while, of course, but he always saw the greater struggle in terms of the lesser contest. And he never let failure in the one arena deter him from working in the other.”

“Cowards” by United States Marine Corps Veteran and Mother, Marie Delus

“In Voting No to Common Sense Background Checks, Forty-five Senators told America’s children: “I am a Coward, but I want you to be brave, shut up and deal” with Gun Violence in America.”

“Auspices of Patriotism” by Sarah Zacharias

“Let me make it clear, for my second amendment loving cousins and all those who take the time to read this : Nobody wants Grampy’s coyote shooter. Nobody wants my twenty-two. Nobody is coming for old west sharpshooters, skeet shooters, the weapons of honorable veterans, the pearl handled revolver sold on Pawn Stars or the guns I have personally observed Ted Nugent use in his pursuit of wild game on shows aired on the OutDoor Channel.” (This piece contains adult language.)

“Good Guys and Bad Guys” by Newtown Resident, Michelle Ku

“The issue is that we ALL have the potential to do bad things, and therefore, there is no way to unequivocally identify the “good guys” and the “bad guys.””

Reading, Writing and Marksmanship” by Mom and Teacher Kelly Hilleslan

“And to that end, I will do anything to keep my students safe. I believe in my students, and I believe in the promise of America. If I thought that me being trained in firearms would protect the children that walk into my classroom every day, I would get trained. And I would take that charge dutifully, knowing the weight of the power in that position. The problem is this: I know, with absolute certainty, that arming teachers, any teacher, no matter how responsible, how trained, how focused he or she may be, is simply not a good idea.”
“Wasted Time” by Christopher Fucile

“The futures obliterated that day held promise and potential we will never witness, birthdays their families will never enjoy, careers and discoveries forever paused, grandchildren disallowed and family lines severed by unspeakable horror.”

“Merchants of Death” by Jim Boyle

“I believe it is time to put a face to those who most profit from gun proliferation.”

A Mom Stands Up for Peace: “We can do something to fix things in this country.  We MUST do all we can.”
“We can do something to fix things in this country. We MUST do all we can.”


Ron Friedman

“Inalienable Rights” by Ron Friedman “Yes. I own a few guns. I probably always will. But I am also willing to make some sacrifices, and put up with some inconvenience in order to save the very lives I claim to protect. ”

“As American as Homicide” by Ron Friedman
“America has come to a crossroad. It is high-time we face reality and examine ourselves. Given our history and our predilections, more guns are not a solution. Our appetite for violence is something we can no longer indulge.”

Josh Harris

“With Rights Come Responsibilities” by Josh Harris

“Today, I will do what I believe is right and I will keep fighting for what I believe. Today, I will, with renewed spirit, work towards ending violence and particularly gun violence. Today, I will be personally responsible for spreading the kind of message to others that I hope will make this world a safer, more sane place to live.”

“Just Do Something” by Josh Harris

“We are not going to agree on everything, and most people whether pro-gun or pro-restriction believe that we have a problem when nearly 12,000 Americans die from gun fire in the US every year.”

Dad and Gun Owner: “We need to do all we can to ensure that these horrible tragedies are prevented”

“Talk with your children and make sure they have an idea of how to be safe.  Please follow your beliefs and work to ensure that we have sensible regulations on dangerous weapons.  Call or write your Senate and House representatives and let your feelings be known.”

Guest Post Guidelines

In order to keep with the mission of ICHH and to maintain consistency, we have a few guidelines for guest posts:

WORD COUNT: There is no specific word count, but we encourage an organized format that flows nicely and is easy to read.

CITING SOURCES: Whenever possible, cite reputable sources to give your post legitimacy.

BIPARTISAN: While gun safety proposals are often portrayed as a ‘liberal’ issue, we feel Newtown has changed the game. More and more people are saying ‘enough.’ For this reason, we strive to keep posts neutral and bipartisan so that we can focus more on the issues themselves and our ultimate goal of reducing the rate of violence in our country.

APPROVAL PROCESS: It Can Happen Here reserves the right to review your post(s) before publishing and may make suggestions or request minor changes. These will usually be grammatical or spelling errors, but could also include other suggestions.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WRITING: Please email the post to for review. We will respond to all submissions, so if you do not hear back from us, please send us a message via email or our social media sites to follow up.

IMAGES: If you have a picture or image that you have taken or have permission to use that you would like included with the post, please include that in your email.

EXCLUSIVITY: Guest Posts will be published only on, unless otherwise discussed. Guest posts by bloggers may be used on the writer’s personal blog, but only after it has been published to It Can Happen Here. We require a link back to the original post when using any material produced for our site.

ENDORSEMENTS: We do not allow sponsored posts or posts that endorse a commercial product or service.

Disclaimer: We welcome Guest Posts in order to expand the conversation on how we can prevent tragedies like Newtown by addressing the following areas: bullying, education, gun safety, mental healthcare, parenting and poverty. The opinions and views expressed in Guest Posts are those of the writer and may not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of It Can Happen Here or our volunteers.



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