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There has been a dramatic rise in gun violence in our country in recent years. If you want to stand up to this madness, but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. Through extensive research, we have determined several key areas where we the people can make a difference. Please join us. Stand up. Act.

Contact Congress

Contact members of Congress and demand change in the areas of gun control, mental health programs and funding, anti-bullying programs, school security, parenting resources, and more.

Contact Senators

Contact U.S. House of Representatives  



Choose one of our templates to get you started in your stand against violence. If you would like to suggest another template, please contact us.

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After the Newtown shootings, Ann Curry of NBC News took to Twitter to encourage her followers to consider doing a random act of kindness, big or small, in honor of each child we lost 26 Acts of Kindness Logothat day. People responded in a big way and increased the number to 26 to include the adult heroes who perished as well. It has taken off, with over 95,000 ‘likes’ on the 26 Acts of Kindness Facebook Page. Make a difference in the lives of others by taking Ann Curry’s challenge. Some ideas include paying the toll for the car behind you, buying lunch for a stranger, sending flowers to a nursing home, buying a homeless person a meal, letting someone in front of you in line, offering kind words to a stranger, volunteer at a local non-profit, save a stray animal, donate items or resources to a local school, write someone a note for no reason, pay a bill for someone…and so much more. Get creative! Inspire others to join you. Don’t stop at 26! Perhaps make it a quarterly or even monthly goal. In the words of Ann Curry: Are you in?
*Let us know what Acts of Kindness you take on! We would love to share them with our followers to inspire even more acts!

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