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Acts of Kindness for Newtown: Be Kind. Love all.


Sandy Hook Anniversary, 1year, OPTION 3

At ICHH, we are steadfast in our commitment to creating a kinder, safer world. In remembrance of those lost on December 14, 2012, we plan to accomplish as many acts of kindness we can fit into a week, and we encourage you to join us. From Sunday, December 8 – Saturday, December 14, perform acts of kindness every chance you get. Your act could be small and meaningful or grand and inspiring: giving a kind note, holding someone’s door open for them, buying someone’s coffee or lunch, volunteering in your community, helping a friend move, organizing a flash mob, providing warm clothing to homeless shelters, rearranging your schedule to accommodate someone else’s needs, babysitting for a friend who needs a night out, baking cookies for your neighbor, smiling at a stranger, giving gifts to children in need, or just listening if someone you know is really struggling.

Inspire others to get involved by sharing your acts here on our Event page, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you would like your act to be anonymous, email it to and we will share it without your name. Join us as we remember, and help us spread a little kindness and make the world a better place. Be kind. Love all.

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